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Performance Management - Course Description

“Life would be easy if it wasn’t for people” is a phrase that many people often voice, and, in the same vein, it can be equally said that “management would be easy if it wasn’t for people”. Cynical and sarcastic as these phrases are, it should be recognised that even the best managers, with the best of teams can sometimes run into trouble in terms of how their people are performing.

This Managing Performance Course therefore, considers the whole field of managing people’s performance and how to get the most out of “Staff Appraisals”. It also focuses on the manager’s responsibility for effective performance management.

The programme has been designed to allow participants to:

  • Consider what “performance management” actually is.
  • Understand the tools available to managers to help them manage performance effectively.
  • Appreciate the importance of “feedback” in managing people’s performance effectively.
  • Understand how to manage both poor performance and high performance.
  • Understand how to plan structure and conduct an effective performance meeting and “Staff Appraisal”.
  • Understand the importance of goals, objectives and target setting in the field of managing performance.
  • Appreciate the link between “performance” and “motivation”.

Who Should Attend?

The Managing Staff Performance programme is aimed at any supervisor or manager who wants to get the best out of their employees and ensure they are performing as effectively as possible, with the ultimate goal of becoming as productive as possible in their role.

John W.
Head of Photography, Fourwalls
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“Super course, well balanced and delivered by a very personable and knowledgeable trainer in Tom.”
Leanne W.
Compliance Lead
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“This course was developed very professionally. Tom the trainer is a very likeable person who knows his stuff and he brought his personal experiences into the training which made it excellent.”
Humaira N.
Management Accountant
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“This course provided valuable information for me to take away. It made me becoming a manager less daunting. Tom the trainer was very enthusiastic and very knowledgeable. An excellent course to go on!”
Liam M.
Cotton Traders
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"I personally thought the training course was very well organised. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute and thought Tom captured my attention throughout. The course was varied meaning it wasn’t repetitive and I took a lot from it. I believe I have learnt a lot with Tom and it has changed the way I now manage different people and situations."
Lyndon C
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“This is amongst the best training I have ever received as it is so relevant. The course trainer was excellent- incredibly capable, skilled and knowledgeable. Every participant on the course grew in skill and confidence. I would definitely recommend this course to others.”

Included in the Price of our Virtual Course

Start Time

The 4 Hour Live Webinar starts promptly at 9.30am.  You will be sent Joining Information in advance with full instructions of how to join the class via Zoom.  There will be plenty of comfort breaks built in to the session.

Study at Your Own Pace

You can study the e-Learning Module in your own time and at your own pace.  You can stop and start the course and replay the content to help you successfully answer the multiple choice questions

Customised Content

We send out a short “Training Needs Questionnaire” in advance of the course to ask what specific areas you would like to have covered so the trainer can customise the content to meet your needs during the “live” session

CPD Certificate

Once you have successfully answered each multiple choice question correctly across all sections, your digital CPD Accredited certificate will be available to download and print for your records

Course Materials

The cost includes digital course notes and copies of slides which will be emailed to you at the end of the Live Webinar, along with the link to the e-Learning Module.  You will also receive an electronic Certificate of Achievement

3 Months Tutor Support

We provide an optional 3 months tutor support after the course has taken place, so if you need any help or advice, you can contact us and the tutor will get in touch with you directly via email

Our experts

Our Performance Management Course is delivered by Tom Courtney who is Managing Director of Courtney Associates.

A leading Industry Public Speaker, Tom has honed his skills and knowledge in this area over the last 32 years, through delivery of close on 5000 Leadership Training Courses, Conference Presentations and After Dinner Speaking events throughout the UK, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and USA.

As well as Presenting at such events, he also Trains, Coaches and Mentors Junior, Middle and Senior Managers in this specific specialism, and takes great delight in unlocking people’s potential and confidence in this particular field. 
Tom’s training courses consistently generate 5 star quality reviews and he is recognised as being an inspirational trainer and a leading expert in his field. 
Around 80% of our Client’s are returning customers who have previously attended Tom’s training.

tom courtney

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Tom engaged well with all of the team from the very start which really helped to keep us interested and motivated at all times. His use of humour and anecdotes made the subject so much more enjoyable and less daunting and we found that we retained so much more information that way.

Clients who have enjoyed our training...

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